Socializing Safeguards

Covid-19 Safeguards

We value your trust and will continue to earn it. Our safeguards are intended to better enable our guests to socialize safely and responsibly. We believe that the best defence, is an effective offence. CRUSH the Curve, is our Covid-19 acronym, for:

Commit the investment.
Recruit the leadership.
Understand the science.
Source the technology.
Have a long-term plan.

Arrival: We kindly require everyone (i.e. guests, staff, contractors) to either sanitize or wash their hands on arrival. Hand sanitizer and three (3) touch-free sinks are available at the entrance. Face masks can only be removed when seated and eating/drinking, at your table. Free face masks (and gloves) are available on request. Face masks are required to be worn when playing pool and when moving throughout the restaurant. All stylus/pens, credit card terminals, and any other touch operated items, are regularly disinfected after each use and throughout each day, in our UVc/254 NA disinfecting equipment. Plexiglass partitions have been installed at the bar and between social circles. Room dividers also section off social circle areas.

Pool Tables: Pool tables are arranged in social circles with comfortable social distancing, and involve plexiglass dividers between such social circles. Disinfecting cloths are provided adjacent to cues, to allow you to disinfect the cue stick that you choose. Pool tables are cleaned with a vacuum after each use, and concurrently disinfected with our UVc/254 NA equipment that is built into each vacuum. Chalk for cues is encased in copper. We provide copper stylus/pens which are disinfected with our UVc/254 NA disinfecting equipment, after each use. Copper has anti-microbial properties which kills the Covid-19 virus in a few hours. Billiard balls are washed/disinfected after each use.

Washrooms: Washrooms have high flush toilets, in which a fresh plastic seat cover is automatically provided on a hands free basis, for each use. All sinks and hand dryers are touch-free. Our HEPA-13/hospital quality filters, disinfect air in our washrooms at least hourly. Overnight the air in each washroom is disinfected with our mild oxygen generating equipment.

Dining: We have 5 feet x 10 feet (distance) dining tables that readily provide comfortable social distancing between social circles. Cutlery is disinfected and individually/fully wrapped with a quality napkin for your personal use. Menu placemats are disposed of, after each use. Dining tables and chairs/stools are disinfected after each use.

Bar: There is no seating and no service at the bar, except for servers who each have a designated area to work in. Bartenders work on their exclusively designated side of the bar, rather than as a team.

Air Quality: We focus on air quality, as almost all Covid-19 transmission is airborne communication. Our HEPA-13/hospital quality air filters operate 24/7 and disinfect all air thoughout MacLaren’s on Elgin, at least hourly.

Public Areas: We thoroughly disinfect all areas regularly, throughout each day, using our Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Spray equipment. Our equipment immediately kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, within a few seconds. This is the same technology used by most airlines and hospitals. We also disinfect all high-touch surfaces, such as light switches, door knobs, and the like regularly, throughout each day. We have a 6 feet social distancing requirement for everyone (nevertheless, we remain together at heart).

Staff: Temperature and blood oxygen level, are checked upon arrival of staff. As well, using our UVc 254 NA disinfecting equipment, we disinfect cell phones on arrival. All staff wash and/or disinfect their hands-on arrival. Uniforms are laundered regularly. Our staff have staggered schedules for both arrivals and breaks. Our staff avoids working as teams when possible and rather do their best to work individually. We have a no questions asked policy in relation to sick time for staff. A very liberal benefits package for staff is provided, including 100% of vitamins/supplements and immune system modulators (i.e. in relating to Covid-19 prevention).