Prizes & Giveaways!

Every month, MacLaren’s on Elgin offers patrons the chance to enter our draw for prizes ranging from Ottawa Senators’ home tickets,  authentic jerseys; and vintage NHL wall mounts.  We also give out RedBlacks’ home tickets located at the new Landsdowne development, TD Place.

Be sure to fill out our comment cards (please ask your server for details) on your next visit; let us know how we did!


Poutine that Melts your Hunger!

Monday July 27th, 2015 marked the launch of our newly updated menu.  One menu category that sprung off the page: Fries & Poutine.  With Ottawa being so close in proximity to Gatineau, it’s only fitting that one of La Belle Province’s most celebrated gastronomical exports be given a section of its own.  Hate it or love it, our crispy fries topped with fresh cheese curds and our house gravy have a growing following — myself included.

And why not?  Our potatoes are hand cut and soaked in water in order to maintain their moisture and freshness.  Our Gravy, derived from veal stock, is allowed to simmer drawing out the juices in a long slow heating process, lasting 48 hours before its strained and reheated into gravy. Coupled with St-Albert cheese curds, there is no doubt that this poutine will melt your hunger away – no pun intended.